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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Transform Lives in Cambodia

Surgical Friends mission objective was to provide more than 30 victims of landmines in Cambodia with reconstructive plastic surgery. A team of skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons performed these life altering procedures over the course of five short days. Friends Without a Border made the trip possible through their donations which covered the cost of the local Hospital, Supplies and Staff. Over the course of the plastic and reconstructive surgical teams stay, they provided the most serious cases with the proper medical surgical and aftercare. Great attention was given to training Cambodia’s medical team so they could continue to help the deformed people affected by the land mines.

in order for them to continue performing these procedures on the many patient’s in need. Ultimately the young land mine victims of Cambodia will have improved access to quality health care and skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons as a direct result of the charity work performed by the team. Mission to Cambodia was a success!

People’s lives are transformed when you donate money. Any donation, large or small, paypal donate, will be used to improve access to quality healthcare for the people who need it the most. Unlike many organizations, our ultimate goal is to train and to empower developing world doctors to perform surgeries on their own for generations to come. When a patient is accepted into Surgical Friends Foundation, it is because they have exhausted all options, this is their last hope.With a small monthly donation, you can keep this hope alive.

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