Patient Stories


Patient – Viviana Facundo

Name: Viviana Facundo
Age: 4
Country: United States
Brief story: Viviana was born with congenital ptosis, also known as droopy eyelid in the right side. Her father has lost his job and their family’s healthcare, as a result Viviana has sought the help from Surgical Friends Foundation to provide ptosis surgery. Without this surgery she will likely develop amblyopia, a blurring condition not correctable with glasses or contacts which can result in blindness. A ptosis surgery will give Viviana the ability to see more normally, prevent blindness, and feel more confident as she ages.
Diagnosis: Congenital ptosis, or droopy eyelid
Procedures needed: Ptosis surgery
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Patient – Laura Gill
before and after

Name: Laura Gill

Country: USA
Brief story: Laura Gill was born with congenital facial paralysis on the right side of her face. Because of this she cannot close her right eye and is troubled by recurrent infections and irritations. She has encountered a lifetime of physical challenges and emotional distress. Laura lost her job a few years ago and now is without medical insurance. Read more.
Diagnosis: right sided facial paralysis, lagophthalmos, ectroption, exposure keratopathy
Procedures needed: Eyelid reconstruction with placement of gold weight; lateral canthoplasty.
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Patient – Andressa

Name: Andressa
Country: Salvador, Brazil
Brief story: Andressa suffers from fibrous dysplasia. This disease results in abnormal bony growth in her face and other parts of her body.Unfortunately Andressa cannot eat solid foods or speak normally. Her growth is in the lowest percentile for her age group. The disease is advancing rapidly and an urgent surgery will be needed to improve her condition and to slow down the progression of the disease.
Diagnosis: Fibrous Dysplasia
Procedures needed: Multi stage reconstruction of mandible and maxilla

Before and After Patient – Elena

Name: Elena
Country: Republic of Moldova (Eastern European country)
Brief story: Elena was born with an oculofacial deformity. She has had more than six surgeries in her native country. Unfortunately she was told “there was nothing more they could do for her”. She has traveled to United States to pursue her dream of “looking more normal” and “not being stared at”. Because of her disease she cannot close her eyelids fully and has problems with constant irritation of the eye. A reconstructive eyelid surgery will be able to make her dreams come true and improve her quality of life.
Diagnosis: Congenital malformation of eyelid and maxilla.
Procedures needed: Reconstruction of right upper and lower eyelids.